You’re doing it Wrong! It’s not about being Safe; It’s about being Safer.

I noted this blog on twitter just before going out for a totall rick-free cycle-ride this afternoon. NOT Cycling is not risk-free, especially cycling down the busy A6, avoiding potholes, and having cars overtaking you a matter of inches away. I consider the risks worth it and only one vehicle has hit me in 65 years – and I did not come off my bike!

This blog deals with issues raised by Covid-19 and the difference between Risk Management and the Precautionary Principle.

If I followed the PP I would not cycle or climb hills and mountains, but theni’d prbably have lots of underlying conditions – if still alive.

The Risk-Monger

When will we be safe from COVID-19? … If I respect the lockdown, will I be safe? … What disinfectants, soaps and medicines can ensure my safety? … How long do we have to wait before a vaccine will make it safe for us to go out again?

Now just imagine the Risk-Monger in his dusty basement banging his head against his screen and shouting out: “No! No! No! You’re doing it wrong!”
Doing what wrong?
“Everything! There is no ‘safe’!”

The 2020 suffocation of Western society was not due to the COVID-19 coronavirus but to the failure of our risk managers to implement proper tools to protect citizens while ensuring societal goods. Our risk management systems have evolved into a precautionary mindset where an unrealistic public has come to expect and demand to be kept safe and risk-free.

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