‘There is no pandemic’ – Mythbusting John MacArthur’s claims – Premier Christianity

John Macarthur is pastor of a megachurch in California.

John F. MacArthur - Wikipedia

He has recently increased his notoriety over Covid by insist on opening up his church to vast numbers and insists there is no pandemic. Below I reblog an article from Premier which seems very balanced – to some that means I agree with it!!!


Along with the church is the Masters Seminary who gives out degrees. (I ought to try and get a D.D. from my published work from his seminary.) He’s written loads of books which are widely used  including in Britain/

MacArthur can only be called a fundamentalist with a literal view of the bible.

He does not regard Roman Catholics to be Christian, but I’m not sure of his views on Anglicans.) He’s strongly creationism and a good example that Creationism is symptomatic of other errors.

When it comes to creation, um, well, believe it or not he insists on a 6 day creation a few thousand years ago. When you search is website “Grace to You” http://www.gty.org you’ll find lots of it, looking to such fantastic scholars as Scott Hulse and Douglas Kelly  Ph.D. (Cantab)


So these people who say everything has always continued as it was from the very beginning have forgotten that there was a time when the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water, and another time when it was destroyed by being flooded.  In other words, Peter is pointing to the fact that everything has not continued through a uniformitarian process since the beginning, but rather there have been two cataclysmic events…one, creation, and the other the universal global flood.  There have been immense alterations in the earth as we know it.  Creation itself was cataclysmic.  Originally the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water…and we’ll comment more on that when we go back to Genesis.  And there was a time when the entire globe was destroyed, being flooded with water, which had immense cataclysmic impact on the surface of the earth.

This earth has not gone on in a uniform kind of existence; rather two immense cataclysms have effected its current condition, one being creation itself, and the other being the Flood.  Uniformitarians claim that the strata in rocks, the strata sediment, the fossils and the companion chemistry of geologic dating based on uniformity demand an earth that is billions of years old.  During the early nineteenth century, the central presupposition of uniformitarianism was that the present is the key to the past.  That is that everything went always the way it’s going now, popularized by James Hutton and Charles Lyle, who in turn influenced Darwin.

This is not even wrong! I love the mispelling of Lyell – a sure sign of incompetence. It comes up in Creationist Bingo. To claim that his misrepresentation of Uniformitarianism demands an ancient earth is simply false. Geologists gradually worked to an ancient earth following the evidence from the rocks. His grasp of geology is a trifle shaky and flaky. 

Uniformitarianism is the belief that the origin and development of all things can be explained exclusively in terms of the same natural laws and processes seen operating today.  Uniformitarianism has been the backbone of modern historical geology and is responsible for the current widespread assumption that the earth is billions of years old.  The uniformitarians insist that all geologic features and formations once attributed to geologic cataclysms can now be satisfactorily explained by ordinary processes functioning over immensely long periods of time.  That’s basically their view.  Scott Hulse, writing in The Collapse of Evolution, gave us that definition.

He does it again falsely claiming the current widespread assumption that the earth is billions of years old.  

False statements like that do not give credibility

 Scott Hulse summarizes some of this evidence – just give it to you briefly.  “Creationists maintain the uniformitarian principles simply cannot account for most of the major geological features and formations.  For instance, there’s the vast Tibetan plateau which consists of sedimentary deposits which are thousands of feet thick, located presently at an elevation of three miles above sea level.  The Karoo formation of Africa contains an estimated 800 billion vertebrate animals.  The herring fossil bed of California contains approximately one billion fish within a four-square-mile area.  The uniformitarian concept is equally incapable of explaining the Columbia plateau in northwestern United States, which is an incredible lava plateau several thousand feet thick covering an area of 200 thousand square miles.  Uniformitarianism also fails to offer a reasonable explanation for important geological concepts such as mountain building,” and it goes on and on, and I won’t bore you with it.

Facepalmingly hignorant!

All of these things require sudden and dramatic change, rapid burial, and lithification, as it’s called, are essential to the formation and preservation of fossils.  The only possible way you can have seashells on the top of mountains thousands of miles from the sea is if there was once water there.

This is just daft. It’s utterly clueless on geology especially as Niclaas Stensen aka Steno explained seashells on mountain tops in de Solido in 1669, and seashells on everest are due to uplift due to India crashing into Asia!!

Recently he has also totally rejected climate change, as Paul reminded me in a comment

All this is simply standard Creationist fare of the worst sort. In itself it may seem harmless but it is symptomatic of something more serious and sinister and that is the problem of MacArthur and  Grace Church.

It is a carefully-argued anti-science and anti-intellectuallism, used to control people and along with shunning exclusivism  – as with denying Roman Catholics They well-substantiated views of anyone can be dismissed.

Edit; Now Trump has given MacArthur a bell!

MacArthur said he then told Trump that “any real, true believer is going to be on your side in this election.”


This blog gives more on the matter.


This is what MacArthur does over Covid-19 as he dismisses all the scientific evidence. It could kill some . He says

“In truth, 6 per cent of the deaths that have occurred can be directly attributable to Covid, 94 per cent cannot. Of the 160,000 people that have died, 9,210 actually died from Covid. There is no pandemic.”

The blog explains how wrong he is

As a result they fall for the American Dream Nightmare, opening themsleves to any-kind of reactionary view, now expressing itself in the denial of the seriousness of Covid-19

It is classic sect behaviour and as Jenkins concludes

Avoid foolish controversies’

The Apostle Paul instructs a young Titus, “But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless. As for a person who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him, knowing that such a person is warped and sinful; he is self-condemned” (Titus 3:9-11).

I’m praying this scenario will not be true of Pastor MacArthur related to the division and confusion he is causing during this pandemic.

I’m praying he’ll repent of the false witness he is bearing. For his own sake, his church’s sake, the greater American evangelical church, and all of our communities affected by this great trial.


The pastor of a Californian megachurch has claimed there’s no pandemic, and told his congregation there’s a ‘great effort’ underway to ‘shut down churches’. DJ Jenkins, who pastors a church in the same city as John MacArthur, explains why he strongly disagrees

Source: ‘There is no pandemic’ – Mythbusting John MacArthur’s claims – Premier Christianity

5 thoughts on “‘There is no pandemic’ – Mythbusting John MacArthur’s claims – Premier Christianity

  1. Paul Braterman

    That’s nothing!

    I have a 3000-word essay on his global warming sermon; I wonder what best to do with it, as I think it, like yours, requires maximum publicity, soon, in the hope that maybe it will reduce the number of people that he kills.

    Consider these gems from the sermon:

    [Quoting and partly misquoting Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton, who gave  a lecture at Caltech]  “The fact that the scientific community does notrise up and protest the false science of global warming means they have beenpoliticized or post modernized, and there’s a crack in the scientific door and perniciousgarbage is seeping through.” That’s ascientist at Caltech. “The ploy used by post-modern politicizedpseudoscience is consensus science… Consensus science is not science. It isextremely pernicious. It is the first refuge of scoundrels. And it is the wayto shut down debate and real science. When you hear consensus of scientistsagree on anything, you have been conned. Grab your wallet. It’s going to costyou. Consensus is invoked only in situations where there is a political,social, financial agenda without scientific support.” On global warming: You say thatwell, hasn’t the temperature of the Earth risen in the last little while? Well,yes, according to some scientistsit’s gone up 1° in the last 30 years but that’s all we’ve got. It’s 30 years ofdata, a pretty short term trend. Trends come and go in which temperaturechanges occur. El Niño, La Niña, some year-to-year changes, some 20 to 50 year,maybe hundred-year changes may be some thousand years changes. We have no dataon specific changes in the past. But there is in the literature of the past aperiod in the Middle Ages known as the Little Ice Age. So it can go up for awhile and stay up, then go down for a while and stay down, that seems to be thetruth. The best information tells us that since 1880 the temperature has goneup and down. From 1940 to 1970 was getting cooler and from 1970 to the presentit’s 1° warmer.

    It gets worse: “Legitimatescience recognises a close correlation and, here’s the key, friends, this isthe real deal. [Continuing with emphasis] Legitimate science recognises a closecorrelation between sunspots and climate change. The more sunspots the warmerthe climate, so that solar variations produce climate change. The sun is thesource of temperature changes because of its infrared [sic!] variations… Thereis absolutely no evidence that CO2 contributes to warming. On the contrary theopposite is true. Warming produces CO2. The sun warms up and it’s measurable bythe increase in sunspots, and it warms the oceans. So the sun’s warmthdetermines the CO2; it’s not that the carbon dioxide in the atmospheredetermines a temperature. It’s the other way round.” And even worse : “By the way plants produce CO2. What manproduces is marginal, minimal, inconsequential. Warming temperature is notproduced by man. Industry doesn’t affect it. Industry doesn’t affect CO2 in theenvironment or atmosphere. Water vapour and clouds make up almost all CO2 andthe volume of it depends on how much sun’s heat hits the water. Climate changeis an effect of electromagnetic fields on the Sun, nothing more.” “So what aretrying to do? What is all this about? This is all political financial agendas,class warfare, class envy… There is noscientific reason to believe that ice caps are melting…

    By the way, ahundred billion dollars has been spent to make a case for global warming, noneof it on research. None of it, not on real scientific research. It’s all onpublic relations. You say, well what motivates this? Well that would bespeculation on my part, but I think it’s all motivated by people who resent bigcorporations, who resent success. And there’s abuse at all of that level aswell. We know that. But I think it’s driven by the socialist mentality thatresents success, even some of the feminist mentality that resents male success.”

    And finally, in your own area:

    “God intended us to use this planet to fill thisplanet for the benefit of man. Never was intended to be a permanent planet. Itis a disposable planet. Christians ought to know that.”

    Paul S. Braterman, Professor Emeritus, University of North Texas Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Chemistry, University of Glasgow 48 Nith Street, Glasgow G33 2AF, Scotland, UK https://paulbraterman.wordpress.com/ Support British Centre for Science Education (BCSE)   http://www.bcseweb.org.uk/


  2. Sara Olson

    Actually, God did create the universe roughly 6,000 years ago in six (24 hour) days. But here’s the part you are getting messed up on. The universe that God created was billions of years old, or at least it looked like that. It’s like when God created Adam and Eve. God created Adam as a young man. Adam was not created as a baby. So Adam already knew the language, he knew how to walk, and he was fully potty trained. If you were to see him, he would probably appear to be almost 20 years old. But really, that’s the way God created him. And as soon as was created, God assigned him the task of naming all the animals. (Obviously, a baby could not do that.)

    When you look at distant stars, we now know that these stars are maybe thousands of light years away from earth. But God created them to be seen, so we didn’t have to wait for the light beam to reach the earth. God created it that way.

    As Christians, we believe the bible is the Word of God. And 100% accurate. And the bible lists generations after Adam and Eve. And we can count the years. It comes to close to 6,000 years.

    The scientific method is all about doing experiments, and repeating experiments for the same results. People were not around when God created the universe. So we can either accept God’s description of the event, or we can speculate some other theory. BUT THAT IS NOT SCIENCE.


    1. Paul Braterman

      You have to be very obtuse to even *imagine* that the Bible was ever intened to be read this literally. One glaring example: do you really believe that Ham called one of his Children “Mizraim”, when “Mizraim” means ” the TWO Egypts”? I have asked many literalists this quesiton, but have never got an answer



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