Evangelicals and Science- part 7 of 12 In the shadow of Scopes and Two World Wars

Evangelicals and Science- part 7 of 12 In the shadow of Scopes and Two World Wars

From the beginning of the 20th century evangelicals went into eclipse in both Britain and the USA, though their missionaries were active throughout the world.

As liberal theology came to the fore the Fundamentals were written to stem the tide. But, despite it giving rise to the word Fundamentalism, there were open to modern science.


Anti-evolution grew in the USA after WWI culminating in the Scopes trial of 1925.


The courtroom at Dayton

Clarence Darrow, a famous Chicago lawyer, and William Jennings Bryan, defender of Fundamentalism, have a friendly chat in a courtroom during the Scopes evolution trial. Darrow defended John T. Scopes, a biology teacher, who decided to test the new Tenessee law banning the teaching of evolution. Bryan took the stand for the prosecution as a bible expert. The trial in 1925 ended in conviction of Scopes. ca. 1925 Dayton, Tennessee, USA401px-John_t_scopes

Darrow, Jennings and Scopes

The latter part of this period saw both the growth and moderating of evangelicals with the storm clouds of Creationism on the horizon

Now read on about the rise of Fundamentalism, anti-evolution, Scopes and more

Chap6 of Evangelicals and Science


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