What does the story of Scripture tell us about creation? | Psephizo

Here Ian Paul gives a good summary of the doctrine of creation and WHY it is important for all of us.

He ignores all the issues of evolution etc and focuses on God as creator which is a foundation of the Christian Faith.

He stresses that God is separate from creation and rejects any kind of pantheism which some Christians, including bishops, in their desire to save the -planet. Some recent church stuff on creation and the environment is somewhat muddled and is little more than rants from the Friends of the Earth with God-words tacked on.

He approaches care for the environment in a different way by saying God has compassion for huis creation. As a result we need compassion for creation and that means we need to be “environmentalists”. He leaves contentious issues ot one side here!!!!

Lastly he speaks of hope for creation and how god will redeem it. Here I have one question on his use of romans 8.28. First, creation here probably means humanity and not the cosmos. Secondly to use Romans 8 like this implies that it got cursed when Adam ate an apple. Too many don’t consider that!!

On the whole it is roughly what I’ve argued for years and it is good to get a general overview without getting bogged down in contentious issues.

Now read what Ian says.

Source: What does the story of Scripture tell us about creation? | Psephizo

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