Hugh Miller and Me: Geology and Scripture Reconciled

Hugh Miller was a fascinating guy – geologist and evangelical.

Here Alex Staton, another 19th Century throwback of a geologist and clergyman (there are not many of us) writes about his life

This is good stuff and rock solid!!

Unconformable Views

I had promised myself (and you!) that I wasn’t going to allow myself to be drawn into interminable debates about the Bible and geology. There are two reasons for this. The first is that these kinds of debates go round in circles. They are frequently accompanied by a great deal of nastiness. The second reason is that there is no debate. We know that the earth is unimaginably old and that evolution is true(1). It doesn’t matter that some claim the Bible insists otherwise(2).

My reason for turning to geology and the Bible now is that I have been reading the excellent Hugh Miller, the Cromarty Stonemason. For those that may not know, here is a brief biography of the man.

Hugh Miller (1802-1856). Painting by William Bonnar (1800 – 1863). Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. Highland Council.

Hugh Miller was born in Cromarty in October…

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2 thoughts on “Hugh Miller and Me: Geology and Scripture Reconciled

  1. Paul Braterman

    I commented on theoriginal post: “With regard to footnote 1, it is worth noticing that present-day biology is very different from the Darwinian funeral in which evolution is dominated by natural selection, with innovation emerging from variation already present. Now we recognise innovation as emerging de novo from mutation, and whether or not mutations become incorporated in a population is controlled by the statisticsof population genetics, topics of which Darwin knew nothing.

    But regardless of such details, evolution by natural processes requires very deep time, so that if the Earth is young, evolution is false. To that extent, the Young Earth creationists were at least coherent. I say “were”, since today’s Young Earth creationists now accept the nonsensical process of hyper-rapid evolution, in order to fit everything onto Noah’s Ark.”

    One thing I would like to know more about is Hugh Miller’s tragic death. Suicide, after all, would seem to go completely against his faith



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