Stop Spreading Chemophobia and Scientific Illiteracy: My contribution to the European Commission’s Consultation on the Revision of the REACH Regulation

Despite green claims, nothing is pollution-free. Riskmonger makes the point here and how this makes reducing pollution well nigh imposible.

don’t forget, even brushing your teeth or washing your hands ALWAYS causes pollution

The Risk-Monger

After seeing rampant chemophobia and fear-mongering influence the REACH process in the mid-2000s, I set up a satirical blog called The Risk-Monger to highlight how ridiculous and naïve the NGO campaigns were at the time. Fifteen years later, the embarrassing chemical illiteracy and scientific ignorance are no longer limited to the emotional scare-stories of environmental activists; such claims are now emanating from the heart of the European Commission via the architects of the European Green Deal.

I am going to use my contribution to the consultation to “help achieve a toxic-free environment” (their words) as a plea for the European Commission to stop dreaming of a world of rainbows and unicorns and start respecting basic scientific principles.

Scientists around the world are snickering at the lack of academic intelligence coming from European Commissioner Sinkevičius’ draft proposals. I am terrified by the consequences of such naïve chemophobia at the heart of…

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