October 23, 4004: The Creation of the World

Happy Birthday Earth according to Archbishop Ussher.


For his time Ussher was good as he was a fine scholar and according to Martin Rudwick introduced a proper historical understanding.

He published a decade before Steno and others began to understanding the geology and then time, so he seems out of touch.

Fewer followed him on time than we are led to believe

This book chapter of mine puts Ussher in a longer contexthttps://michaelroberts4004.wordpress.com/2021/01/28/genesis-chapter-1-and-geological-time-from-grotius-to-thomas-chalmers-1620-1825/

Enjoy this short article , except for the last comment on scotch farmer!!!

Source: October 23, 4004: The Creation of the World

1 thought on “October 23, 4004: The Creation of the World

  1. Paul Braterman

    I did not enjoy that short article, which seemed ill-informed. I attempted tocomment there,but Google security defeated me: “Check out the Wikipedia article on Anno Mundi. There you will find that Ussher-style calculations date back to the 2nd Century CE (Jewish) or 5th Century (Christian); and that the Jewish date gives 3760 BCE, distinct from Ussher’s. Also that the Septuagint gives a rather older date, which I tracked down to cheerfully adding a century to the ages of Noah’s ancestors, perhaps in or der to fit in with Egyptian records. I have read that Kepler and Newton also carried out such calculations, but can’t find a good link for these claims.”

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