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Why we should all be using printed Bibles | Psephizo

The bible has changed over the years. First it was on scrolls of papyrus or parchment, then codices and after Gutenberg in printed books. To begin with a printed Bible cost as much as a house but the price soon dropped.

Recently Bibles are available as electronic text and many have them downloaded onto their computers or phones. Some almost only read them on the phone.

That is all very useful but here Ian Paul makes the case that you read the Bible better in a hard copy than electronically.

I agree as I find reading electronically makes me skim rather than read, marm and inwardly digest

Source: Why we should all be using printed Bibles | Psephizo

Losing Sleep Over Michaela – why children aren’t coming to church

An interesting blog on the dumbing down of teaching in schools and in church.

In the latter we’ve been told for years to keep it simple, but should we?

Quodcumque - Serious Christianity

One of the small pleasures in my life is the ticking and chiming of the eighteenth century grandfather clock, made by John Darke of Barnstaple, which stands in the hall. The 5am chime is the signal for me to get up and if I hear 10pm (or later) I have stayed awake too long. Early on Wednesday morning this week I heard the clock strike twice. I know exactly why I was awake then. The third Wednesday in August is the day schools can download their GCSE exam results. For the eight years I was a Headteacher my long-suffering deputies would stay up late that night, download the results as soon as they were able to after midnight and collate the figures. They would ring me in the early hours and I would ring the equally long-suffering Director of Children’s Services to tell her the news. Even now, as Director…

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