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A new book on Woke Academia by two of the “grievance studies” authors

A guide to the problems of wokism

Why Evolution Is True

Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay are two of the three “grievance studies” hoaxers (Peter Boghossian was the other); all have devoted considerable time and valuable effort to debunking the postmodernistic debasement of woke academia. Now Pluckrose and Lindsay have collaborated on an upcoming book, called to my attention by Paul Topping. It goes on sale June 16, and is only $20 for a 348-page hardback. The Amazon summary is below, along with a cover image (click screenshot to go to Amazon page) and three endorsements.

Have you heard that language is violence and that science is sexist? Have you read that you shouldn’t practice yoga or cook Chinese food? Are you confused by these ideas and wonder how they have managed to challenge so quickly the very logic of Western society? In this probing and intrepid volume, Helen Pluckrose and James A. Lindsay document the evolution of this…

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The dangerous war on ‘whiteness’

I find this both weird and disturbing.

This type of attitude criticised here WILL make racists out of some white people as it simply rubbishes them.

Some whites are offensively racist, but many are not.

It seems to be the same as Critical Race Theory which just bangs on about white privilege etc.

I know some will tell me off for posting something from Quillette, but it makes valid points that this hand-ringing anti-racism from the heducated will actually make things worse.

I wonder how many were called a ******lover at work, or the Afrikaans equivalent

When I arrived in South Africa I was met at the airport by the office manager, who was a nasty racist. He asked my how I got on with the “coons” in Uganda. I played dumb and he used every offensive term in the book. finally I said they were great and pulled out a photo taken two weeks before of me holding the hand of a young Ugandan woman about the same age as me, as I was helping her to cross a plank bridge. He was not amused and hated me thereafter !!

Telling white people to be more conscious of their whiteness is a recipe for disaster.

Source: The dangerous war on ‘whiteness’