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TH Huxley’s legacy, a campus building renaming controversy, and appeal for signatures

A silly exercise as probably all in the 19th century were in a sense racist by our present standards, and terribly so by the woke! I doubt if the Wilberforce family would pass today’s test either.

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Western Washington University, a well-respected publicly funded university in Bellingham, WA, is conducting a review of the naming of its buildings, in the course of which demands were expressed for the renaming of the [TH] Huxley Building, which houses the College of the Environment, and as a result the University’s Legacy Review Task Force has invited comment. Background information including links to solicited academic comment is available at

My own initial reaction was outrage, but closer examination convinced me that serious engagement is a more appropriate response, given aspects of Huxley’s legacy of which I was not aware. There is no doubt, however, that the movement to rename is seriously misguided, and can be traced back to the long-standing creationist tradition of pretending that evolution science is responsible for racism. The attack on Huxley, as spelt out in a submission by one member of the Task Force (

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How to save our universities

Covid-19 has laid bare the crisis in our universities ( and those elsewhere). This article from  the left and woke’s not most favourite source. They’d like it literally spiked .

His point of marketisation and massification is spot on, as with Blair’s 50%.

For the rest I’ll leave it to him

How to save our universities


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Academia was crippled long before Covid. We must fight against marketisation and for academic freedom.

Source: How to save our universities