Cultivating Weeds: Why EU NGO funding needs scrutiny

An interesting post deal with financial aspects of Friends of the Earth Europe.
How sound this is I don’t know and I reckon I will soon be told it is very right wing.
However many of the points raised with what we fond with Friends of the Earth UK

The Risk-Monger

See the French translation

  • The European Commission gives hundreds of millions of euros annually to NGOs
  • These NGOs often attack EU trade, industry, energy and agriculture policies
  • They under-declare their revenue and surreptitiously give surplus money to other NGOs
  • There is insufficient scrutiny on how these activist groups use these public funds.

Welcome to Brussels in 2016 – the Year of Stupid!

This is the first of a three-part series on the state of NGOs, and how they and other activists are having an influence on policy, society and the economy.

In 2001, the European Commission’s White Paper on Governance called for more dialogue as part of a legitimisation process (to deal with multiple credibility issues the EU was then facing). The term “stakeholder dialogue” was the buzzword of the day and it was determined that a more transparent, inclusive decision-making process was required. NGOs need to be at the…

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