On Sokal Squared

I thought this great taking the mick out of pretentious pseudo-social studies, which afflict academia today.

Maybe I am as bad as I am totally un-postmodernist

Thing of Things

Three scholars– Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay, and Helen Pluckrose– have recently gotten several papers published in various top journals, despite not believing in the claims of their papers and despite the fact that their empirical data was faked. I congratulate Mr. Boghossian, Mr. Lindsay, and Ms. Pluckrose on their successful passes of the Intellectual Turing Test, although I wish they’d chosen a method of testing it that didn’t involve publishing false data in multiple peer-reviewed journals. Being able to write something you disagree with that is indistinguishable from what supporters of the claim believe is a rare skill.

I do, however, disagree strongly with the claim that this is an indictment of gender studies as a field.

Let us consider six of the seven papers which Boghossian, Lindsay, and Pluckrose wrote. (The seventh was accepted into the Journal of Poetry Therapy, which is not a serious publication.) You may find…

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2 thoughts on “On Sokal Squared

  1. Paul Braterman

    I thought it a joke that we’ve heard before, told better. WhatI *do* regard as a scandal is the way that Taylor and Francis, affiliate of a company (Inforrma) in the FTSE100 and raking in half a BILLION a year in revenue, has swallowed dozens of decent imprints, and has its “reputable” journals refer failed submissions to its second rank journals, which are close to being predatory. Bogghosian was criticised with some justice the last time he did this (the Conceptual Penis hoax), and unfavourably compared with Sokal’s groundbreaking hoax. I was at the time kinder to him than I now think I should have been, but stand by what I said about the malign influence of T&F’s practices: The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct”, and other gems from Taylor and Francis https://paulbraterman.wordpress.com/2017/05/20/the-conceptual-penis-as-a-social-construct-and-other-gems-from-taylor-and-francis/



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