Many years ago at an Evangelical Alliance conference in Wales a travelling secretary, with a physics degree, from UCCF (Universities and colleges Christian Fellowship) told me I was too dogmatic in insisting that the earth was billions of years old.

Really, here’s a hundred reasons why the earth is ancient

sketch of Rev William Buckland, later Dean of Westminster and lover of London sewers, doing geological fieldwork in Snowdonia. Quiztime; who painted it ( clue; camel’s hump) : why was it? Name the mountain ; when?


via 100 Reasons the Earth is Old

1 thought on “100 Reasons the Earth is Old

  1. Paul Braterman

    Six years on from when this was written, numerous additional papers giving intimate details about the state of the Earth going back over 4 billion years, and utterly incompatible with the recent creation unless you believe that God created the world with the appearance in every detail of being 4 billion years old, and is an infinitely painstaking flat-out liar. But the same of course applies to evolution



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